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About the Tax Bar Association

The Tax Bar Association was established in 2006 to represent barristers practising in revenue law at the Victorian Bar.

Our aims include providing information to the legal profession and community about barristers working in this sphere. You can find out more about members of the Tax Bar here.

Other objects of the Tax Bar Association include:

  • To be an association of The Victorian Bar Inc. and to liaise with the Victorian Bar Council in relation to matters of concern or interest to members of the Association to ensure that, as far as practicable, consultation between the Bar Council and the Association takes place before the Bar Council formulates any policies or makes any decisions on revenue law related matters.

  • To establish communications and actively liaise with Courts, Tribunals, authorities, government departments and instrumentalities and other associations and bodies concerned with or interested in revenue law to promote the efficient administration of the revenue law and the efficient conduct of litigation concerning revenue law.

  • To promote and further the professional development and interests of barristers wishing to practise in revenue law.

  • To establish for the benefit of the members of the Association, the members of the Victorian Bar and the public as a whole a web site as a resource of up to date information about revenue law and practice.

  • To provide information on the briefing of and services provided by barristers practising in revenue law.

  • To provide a forum for meetings of barristers who practise in or have an interest in revenue law and to foster closer working and social relationships between them.

  • To bring to the attention of revenue practitioners, through regular meetings, discussion groups, professional development and other events, issues of concern or interest in connection with revenue law and practice.

For a full list please see our Statement of Objectives and Rules.

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