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Commissioner of Taxation v Israel Discount Bank Limited [2020] FCAFC 71

Appeal from: Binqld Finances Pty Ltd (In Liq) v Israel Discount Bank Limited; In the Matter of Binqld Finances Pty Ltd (In Liq) [2019] FCA 1186.

TAXATION – application for leave to appeal – where primary judge made interlocutory orders requiring Commissioner of Taxation, a non-party, to provide to the plaintiffs and the Court a redacted copy of a settlement deed – where Commissioner contended that the entirety of the settlement deed was “protected information” as defined in s 355-30 of Sch 1 to the Taxation Administration Act 1953 (Cth) – where Commissioner contended that s 355-205 precluded the Court from ordering production or disclosure of the settlement deed, even in partially redacted form – where orders requiring production stayed pending determination of the application for leave to appeal PRACTICE AND PROCEDURE – application for leave to appeal interlocutory orders of primary judge – whether the grant of leave would be consistent with overarching purpose and prejudice would be occasioned if leave refused – orders made adjectival to a hearing which has completed – consideration of relevant principles – application dismissed

Full decision here

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